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Born and raised in West Texas, Josh Hedges found his passion for photography early in life. He combined his love for sports and photography in 1999 when he began working with the Ultimate Fighting Championship - a relationship that's still going strong today, more than 23 years later. In 2010, Josh became a contributor for Getty Images, which has allowed him to expand his work to other sports and bring his work to a whole new audience.

Over the course of his career, Josh has traveled the world, having photographed events in more than twenty countries on six continents. He enjoys traveling to and working in new locations as often as possible.

Josh's photos have been featured in countless publications around the world, including Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, USA Today, Time Magazine, The New York Times, Sports Business Journal, and The LA Times. His work has been featured in campaigns, promotions, and publications by such clients as Nike, Reebok, Bud Light, Fat Heads, Topps Trading Cards, UFC Gym, Harley Davidson, DirecTV, ESPN, and FOX Media Group.

While not limited to any specific sport or discipline, Josh has become most known for his work within the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

In his downtime, Josh enjoys spending time with his wife Jody and their twins, Jameson and Jacoby.  He is based in Lubbock, Texas.